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MDA 2U 1MD1MA Server
Twin dual-host architecture, 2 in 1
MDispersion H57TA *1 (Distributed Architecture Mail Server)
64-bit OS, built-in ECC SO-DIMM 8GB*2 [single host 8GB*1] (expandable to 64GB*2)
MArchive H57TA*1 (mail archive server)
64-bit OS, built-in ECC SO-DIMM 8GB*4 [single host 8GB*2] (expandable to 64GB*2)
Built-in enterprise-level master data disc 4TB*2 NAS backup data disc 4TB*2 (backup data disc can be used directly as master data disc)
with dedicated slide rail / (SSD version is optional)

Functional description please refer to
Decentralized mail server MDispersion H57TA
Mail Archive Server MArchive H57TA
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